QED Naval Vision

“Striving to allow tidal energy be part of the renewable energy mix, the Subhub platform transforms the cost of deploying and maintaining tidal energy”

Subhub tidal platform transforms the cost of deploying, installing and maintaining tidal turbines. Seen here in its transit condition at the surface. This submersible structure fills ballast tanks to put the Subhub into its dive condition where it descends to the seabed for operation there.

Enabling Tidal Energy to Compete on Cost

The cost of energy is the number one concern of the energy generation market and QED Naval is committed to bringing the cost of tidal energy to compete with offshore wind. 

This is achievable in the short term by demonstrating cost reduction using technology steps along with learning by doing. Achieving performance and reliability matrices of their technology and systems will enable the tidal to become competitive with other forms of renewable energy.  


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