QED Naval Design Team

“Our team is made up of highly qualified specialists within their own fields. They all hold Master’s degrees or¬†Ph.D’s providing QED Naval with a broad list of capabilities”

Marine Renewable Specialists

  • Proven project management and funding capabilities;
  • Hull modelling, CAD & production outputs;
  • Mechanical design & prototyping;
  • Structural analysis including Finite Element Analysis (FEA);
  • Vessel hydrostatics and stability analysis;
  • Assessment of vessel motions in regular waves;
  • Mooring line/risers analysis;
  • Fluid loading using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD);
  • Blade design using Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI);
  • Electrical systems design and turbine integration;
  • Resource availability studies;
  • Physical Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs);

We really believe in the philosophy of sustainable energy solutions and the significant impacts it will make on the quality of our lives and those of our future generations bringing more parity and stability in the world.

A sustainable future is what we work passionately towards and ocean energy is going to be a big part of that. Doing this in an environmentally friendly way is what we care about.

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Marine renewable engineering and design consultants