QED Naval Vision

“Striving to allow tidal energy be part of the renewable energy mix, QED Naval has built and tested their Subhub platform that transforms the cost of generating tidal energy”

Subhub tidal platform transforms the cost of deploying, installing and maintaining tidal turbines. Seen here in its transit condition at the surface. This submersible structure fills ballast tanks to put the Subhub into its dive condition where it descends to the seabed for operation there.

Enabling Tidal Energy to Compete on Cost

The cost of energy is the number one concern of the market and QED Naval is committed to bringing the cost of tidal energy to compete with offshore wind.

They believe this is only achievable and by demonstrating the cost saving steps that will enable tidal take a share of the energy generation market it should.

This is also achievable using local supply chains enhancing the Gross Value Added to the countries willing to take advantage of this opportunity, 

QED Naval believe that tidal energy will be commercial viable and by 2025 and have a global market of over 100GW worth over £76bl by 2050.


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