Conceptual Design

“Transform your project into a reality using parameterised, 3D hull models, used to rapidly produce prototypes at various scales for client feedback, testing and assessment using our conceptual design tools.”

3D rendered image of the Subhub.
This is an example of product visualisation where clients and their investors can visualise their sketches and ideas in 3D for the first time and then make the appropriate modifications before a design freeze.

Feasibility Studies

Taking your concept from an initial idea or sketch through to production requires the skills and knowledge of modern 2D and 3D CAD systems and provides customers with their first visualisation of their product in rendered images.

Our focus is to fulfill the customer requirements and physical restraints using initial design calculations to help scope the project and identify the risks.

From these initial sketches we can produce a parameterised 3D model which allows characteristic features to be rapidly scaled and updated and visualised using 3D rendered images.

Take a 3D tour of your project and see where there could be potential clashes or other issues.

Animate the moving parts or fabrication, installation and operating procedures to indicate potential hazards and staff training purposes.

Produce scale models using the latest model build and rapid prototyping techniques to achieve the ultimate tolerances and accuracy for testing.

We apply rule-based design calculations from many different classification societies.

We use the latest naval architecture software to perform the required intact and damage stability calculations and apply the rules of our clients selected classification society.

QED Naval can calculate the shear force and bending moments for the still water and rule wave conditions. These initial calculations are used to determine midship section, structural requirements based on the allowable stress and material characteristics. We can then translate this into the main fabric of the ship called scantlings.

1st Subhub model to be produced.
3D printing has opened up new possibilities in rapid prototyping. This example is of the Subhub model.

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