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Concrete Marine Solutions (CMS) DTI-50 Project

QED Naval provided support for a bid to Scottish Enterprise for offshore wind platform development fund. This involved the development of the construction and transportation barges used to manufacture and deliver the DTI-50 to the intended site. We were tasked with assessment the stability of both vessel during the development and the motion characteristics when operating offshore in waves.

DTI-50 through the various stages of development.
DTI-50 through the various stages of development.


A new project for the Statoil, Hywind project has been developed in collaboration with CMS called DTI-80 FP. This is a 80m floating offshore wind design combining the innovative features of the DTI-50 using a buoyant central module which allows the foundation structure and the wind turbine to be integrated at a port close to the installation site. Our study set out to determine the transportation vessel’s diameter based on the combined stability characteristics of the transportation collar and fully integrated foundation structure and turbine.

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