Business Model

“Sharing tidal project development and operating risks between all the partners to bring about the most commercially viable solution”

QED Naval want to implement their Subhub technology into projects and help the project developers exploit the natural resources in the most cost effective, profitable and environmentally friendly way.

Front End Engineering and Design

Optimisation of the Subhub platform using their well validated design methodology called Tidal and Wave Energy Evaludation Tool (TWEET). It calculates the actual capacity factors for the site using the turbines power curves. This enables design optimisation utilising measured site conditions and turbine models and applies the specific commercial variables of PPA or FiT.

Extreme loading output from the Subhub and tidal turbines showing the required On Bottom Weight.

Project Management

A partnering agreement is made with the project developer that engages QED Naval services to deliver the Subhub platform, integrate all the tidal turbines, transport them to site and then install them on site.

Through Life Monitoring

They will support the projects through life, using their  platform, turbine and environment monitoring system recommending the best Operations and Maintenance (O&M) strategy to minimise costs and maximise performance.

After installation a service level agreement is used to monitor the tidal field through life.  This means the more systems that are in the water the greater the company’s sales.

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