Canadian Patent Granted for Subhub

QED Naval’s Canadian patent application (2837613) for the Subhub tidal platform has recently been granted. It┬ácovers submersible apparatus and methods of installing anchoring equipment and refers to the hydrodynamic impacts of the Subhub.

With this award of patent and the validation data from the technical demonstrator, QED Naval are looking to exploit the Subhub technology and market in Canada. QED Naval are keen to forge relationships with Canadian stakeholders within the tidal, shipbuilding and fabrication sectors including energy companies, project and infrastructure developers, and marine operators.

The key features of the Subhub are:

  • It supports all the requirements of an offshore tidal power plant and enables the fully integrated platform to be towed offshore using low costs tugs or work boats.
  • Once on site it uses its patented submersible, self-installing and recovery methods, again using low cost installation vessels in a single, quick offshore operation.
  • Its hydrodynamic form accelerates the flow into the turbines significantly increasing capacity factors and energy yield. It also generates down-force to reduce the amount of solid gravity based ballast.

These key features of the Subhub technology provide a step change in the Levelised Cost of Energy of tidal systems which enables communities to manage their own assets as well as utility scale systems to compete with offshore wind.

If your organisation have an interest in partnering and utilising Subhub technology in Canada, please contact Andrew Smith (no relation) at Or if you have any technical queries regarding the technology please contact Jeremy Smith at

Subhub’s arrival at the mooring in Castle Ward Bay after overnight offshore passage from Belfast Harbour.
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