“Inspired by over 20 years working within marine defence research using the latest modelling and experimental methods, materials and data systems”

Formally part of the Submarine Structures department implementing stealth technology into coning tower, rudder and propulsor.

QED Naval Background

QED Naval was founded in 2008 after over a decade of working within the naval defence research developing state of the art, SMART stealth technologies. This helped formulate the basics of product development using CADMID, (Concept, Assessment, Detailed Design, Manufacture, In-service and Decommissioning) where each stage of the products life is carefully considered.

This approach to R&D also inspired the Integrated Project Team (IPT) process to research and development. Small design teams are represented on the board who are all experts in their own domain and are qualified to make informed decisions and consider the impact quickly. This allows the design to evolve rapidly and get to a design point quicker.

QED Managing Director in front of the Queen Elizabeth’s aircraft carriers bow.


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