Tidal Turbines

“Subhub’s primary role is to support all the requirements for tidal turbines through life encapsulating all the electrical infrastructure to operate an offshore tidal plant. The design of the Subhub can be adapted to suit the type of turbine making it turbine agnostic”.

Generic Horizontal Axis Turbine (HAT).

Subhub platform can be designed around any type of tidal turbine be it vertical axis or the more typical horizontal axis turbines. However, the turbines available on the market today can be classified into 3 different categories similar to the platforms. These are community scale turbines <100kW; industrial scale turbines <600kW and utility scale turbines typical >1MW.

Community Scale Tidal Turbines

The Subhub Community Demonstrator is design around a 4.0m diameter Tocardo T1 tidal turbine. These are arguably the most robust, reliable and well proven tidal turbines in the world having had over a decades worth of operation and development in Den Oever, Holland, shown below.

Nova Innovation are a leading tidal turbine developer based in Scotland and have been developing a very cost effective turbine in the world’s 1st instream tidal array.

Schottel Hydro have developed a very efficient, high power to weight ratio tidal turbine to compete on cost for mass produced solutions.

All these turbines are sub-100kW to provide a total platform power between 150kW and 300kW or enough to provide a total power output of 350MWhr to 700MWhr per year. This is enough energy to power a community of around 50 to 80 homes.

Tocardo T1 community scale tidal turbines rated at <100kW.

Industrial Scale Tidal Turbines

Tocardo tidal turbines are pretty unique in that they are one of the few tidal turbine developers that produce an industrial scale tidal turbine using their T2 SI turbines like those installed in Eastern Scheldt. This is one of the main dykes protecting Holland from flooding so the design is incredibly robustness and design for extremely high flow rates. These T2 SI turbines are These are rated at 500kW at 4.5m/s.

Tocardo T2 turbines installed at the Eastern Scheldt.

Utility Scale Tidal Turbines

Examples of utility scale tidal turbine developers that QED Naval have worked with are below:

AHH’s 1.5MW tidal turbine being installed at MEYGEN.


Simec Atlantis 1.5MW tidal turbine.

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