Subsea Manifold: Remote Control System

“The Subsea Manifold is the remote control unit for the Subhub. It is designed to be installed on the seabed and then raised easily onto the deck of the support vessel to take control of the Subhub and quickly connect all the systems to retrieve the Subhub from the seabed.”

Subsea Manifold, which is easily recovered from the seabed, is used as a remote control system for the Subhub.
Hydraulic line, quick coupler connectos used to control the seawater inlet and air vent valves onboard the Subhub..

The Subsea Manifold has been design to be easily deployed and retrieved from the seabed where it lies most of its life in service. It enables all the ballast and data systems to be connected directly into the Subhub and hence allows the support vessel to deploy or retrieve the Subhub remote.

The dyneema tether which is super strong holds the Subhub in position no matter what the wave and tidal conditions. Since the Subhub handles the extreme and dominant forces from waves i.e. heave or vertical forces, it is neutrally buoyant so the tether loads are relatively low because it is free to move in the vertical direction. This makes the Subhub a more robust method of installation and insensitive to wave loading during installation.



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