Strangford Lough

Strangford Lough offers tidal developers fantastic facilities for testing their technology with great access to the water and test sites. There are a broad range of flow rates, water depths and seabed characteristics to suit a wide range of tidal devices. It also has access to the Queens University Marine Lab which supports the development of this sector from a technology point of view but also, importantly, from an environmental impact perspective.

Portaferry showing the fast flowing water in Strangford Narrows providing easy access to the water and sites.

The Subhub Community Demonstrator is currently located within Strangford Lough at a sheltered water anchorage site in Castle Ward Bay just off Audley’s Castle.

Subhub in Castle Ward bay with Audley’s Castle or popularly known as Winterfell Castle from Game of Thrones.

QED Naval are working with local marine contractors operating out of Portaferry and Queens University Belfast (QUB) to potentially utilise their two test sites, for which they have site leases, for our long term immersion trials to determine our Operations and Maintenance strategy and to validate our platform’s performance capabilities.

QED Naval have submitted an application to lease their own area of seabed in Ballyhenry Bay which is exposed to flow rates up 2.5m/s.


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