QED Naval Presents Subhub at Ocean Energy Europe

QED Naval presented the Subhub Tidal Platform technology at Ocean Energy Europe’s (OEE) annual conference in Dublin hosted by the Strategic Energy Authority of Ireland ([SEAI]) and sponsored by DP Energy (DPE).

Proven Subhub Tidal Platform presentation is presented at OEE2019.

Jeremy Smith (Managing Director) presented in front of 300+ attendees made up of European, Asian (China, Singapore, S. Korean) and the Americas (US, Canada, Chile) and other global players within the ocean energy sector. His presentation was in the final session of the OEE2019 event and aimed to close conference on a high by presenting the latest disruptive innovative projects in a “Tidal Energy Technology Showcase”.

Jeremy’s presentation showed how the Subhub Tidal Platform is so disruptive within the industry by reducing CAPEX, specifically, through a reduction in the costs of deployment and installation by using low cost installation vessels. The presentation went on to show how easily and quickly the system was to recover to the surface for maintenance thereby reducing OPEX. Finally, Jeremy presented the results of the turbine testing which demonstrates the dramatic increases in energy yield that can be achieved by channeling the flow into the turbines using the Subhub’s hydrodynamically optimised hull-form.

This session was Chaired by Dr. Jochem Weillep from Voith Hydro Ocean Energy Technologies and Board member of Ocean Energy Europe. The other panel members were industry leading technology developers including Andrew Scott (CEO, Orbital Marine Power) who recently closed the largest Crowdfunding campaign in this sector of £7m using the Abundance platform. Also presenting was Minesto a spin-off from Swedish aerospace manufacturer Saab. Since then, Minesto has successfully developed its unique Deep Green technology. In 2015 Minesto raised over £31m to commercialise their underwater, flying kite turbine and have recently been awarded a grants of £14m from the Welsh Government to setup in Holyhead, North Wales.

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