Strategic Partners

“QED Naval has been working with several strategic partners within the development of the Subhub project all of whom have added value to the final product”

Financial and Commercial Partners

  • Scottish Enterprise – SMART Team have supported the Subhub feasibility study along with the ongoing R&D project through the provision of business support grants
  • Kelvin Capital – Supported QED through the SMART R&D project accessing business angel funding alongside co-investment funds from Scottish Investment Bank
  • Scottish Investment Bank – Co-investment partners with Kelvin Capital
  • DC Consulting – Corporate investment advisers and strategic business planning
  • Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) – Provided support for the Flowave tank testing
  • Renewable Risk Associates (RRA) – Manage the risk portfolio for QED Naval and the Subhub project.

Turbine Partners

With our Subhub tidal platform it is designed so that any tidal turbine developer can utilise its unique characteristics, developers such as:

  • Tocardo Tidal Turbines – have acquire a 50% share in Tocardo in collabortion with HydroWing and in so doing have a dedicated tidal turbine at community and industrial scales
  • HydroWing – have developed their own tidal turbine in collaboration with BlackFish but have put the IP into the new JV with QED Naval. It is a lightweight cost effected solution
  • Andritz Hydro Hammerfest – Have been involved in early stage discussions to develop a utility scale Subhub to suit their version 2 tidal turbine
  • Simec Atlantis – Have been involved in early stage discussions on the impact of Subhub on their Phase 1c, 74MW deployment at MEYGEN

Fabrication Partners

  • Cimpina – Built the Subhub Community Demonstrator in Belfast, Norther Ireland
  • AJS Production – Built the Cross Beam support structure for the tidal turbines which is fitted to the Subhub Community Demonstrator. They also built the Subsea Manifold enabling the remote control of the Subhub
  • Pentland Precision – Built the Subhub Operations Model which was a 2t model that proved the stability, installation, retrieval methods and ballast systems.
  • Malin Marine – Signed MOU to the Industrial and utility scale Subhub tidal platforms at their Clyde base and utilise their marine transport capabilities.

Supply Chain Partners

  • Powerflow Solutions – Hydraulic and pneumatic systems on the Subhub including Hydraullic Pressure Unit and pressure control cabinets
  • Johnson Valves – Actuator valves for the seawater inlets and vent valves
  • Sensor Solutions – Data acquisition system and waterproofing pods
  • Hydrogroup – main export cabling and connectors from the turbines
  • Vega Instruments – Pressure sensors
  • Teledyne – Motion sensors and ADCP systems
  • MacArtney – Data connectors.

Design and Assessment Partners

  • AJS Design – Structural assessment support and development of the production outputs and part drawings
  • Pelagic Innovation – Independent verification of all the design load cases and guided the design team through the development process using a risk based approach
  • MWaves – Marine Warranty Surveyors and consultancy, supporting the detailed design and independent verification of transit and neutral buoyancy/installation stability analysis
  • Prolines – Marine Warranty Surveyors supporting us in MCA approval and load line exemptions
  • Offler Marine Services Group – Assessed the installation and retrieval methods of a utility scale Subhub when deploying 100MW of turbines
  • DNV GL – Access and contributor rights to the development of their tidal turbine standards; DNV GL design codes have been used throughout the design process
  • ANSYS UK – Advanced numerical modelling advice, tools and training
  • OCF & Hartree Super Computer Centre – Access to super-computer capability and advanced hardware solutions
  • FlowHD & X-Flow – Transient simulations of the Subhub/Tocardo tidal plant using the Hartree super-computer.

Marine Operations Partners

  • DSG – Shipping agents and logistics, stevedore services
  • Cuan Marine – Pilotage for operating in Strangford Lough, vessel and crane support, barges for installation/retrieval of the Subhub and storage facilities ashore
  • Ferran and Sons – Towing and mooring services
  • MTS – Marine towing services
  • Inyanga Maritime – Vessel chartering and management offshore.

Testing Facilities

  • FloWave – Provided the 6DOF forces and test tank to assess extreme tidal, wave and combined wave and tidal loads
  • Forth Estuary Engineering – Now Dales Marine operating out of Leith Docks which became our operational centre in 2015-2016
  • The Underwater Centre – Access to Loch Lihnne and the River Lochy for high flow trials on the Operations model
  • Queens University Belfast – Ongoing support at their tidal test centre in Portaferry.

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