Subhub Proves Low Cost Installation Method

QED Naval have proven the effectiveness of the Subhub’s ballast system during May with many installations and retrieval trials of the Subhub tidal platform over a range of conditions and water depths.

Managing Director, Jeremy Smith says, we are absolutely delighted with the performance of the Subhub and especially the ballast system which behaved as predicted. The stability of the Subhub was excellent throughout each stage of the process and level of control of descent in the dive condition is impressive, equally in surfacing.

Subhub makes installation and recovery of tidal turbines a quick, push button exercise. It can be described as a  self-installing platform which is also self-aligning to the flow. In a single, quick offshore operation an array of tidal turbines can be installed and operational within the hour. No other moorings are required which reduces the environmental impact on the seabed given the simplicity of the tripod, gravity based design.

The video below shows the installation and recovery process takes less than 15 minutes each way. The whole process is controlled from a simple, low cost, installation barge or support vessel using the Subsea Manifold which acts as a remote control unit for the Subhub.

Once installed, the Subhub is completely invisible with navigational clearance of at least 3m from which allows most leisure craft users to pass over the top of the device. More importantly it maintains the seascape and installation and retrieval process doesn’t appear to disturb the fish in the area or cause lasting impacts on the seabed.

Subhub addresses the issue of high LCOE costs of marine renewables directly. It enables low cost deployment and maintenance of tidal turbines with enhanced annual yield which significantly increases revenue, year on year, leading to large reductions in LCOE.

QED Naval are now looking to re-deploy its Subhub Community Demonstrator either within a community project within Strangford Lough or a new project on the West Coast of Scotland.

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