Seawater Ballast System

“The Subhub’s ballast system replaces the need for large heavy lift support vessels to install and retrieve tidal turbines”

Subhub tether for maintaining Subhub’s position relative to the installation vessel and reducing motions in the umbilicals.


Ballast System Control Container supporting all the hydraulic and LP air control.

Subhub, elegantly, uses the simple principle of buoyancy to replace large crane vessels that are currently used to install tidal turbines, their foundation structures and ballast blocks.

Subhub, the tidal turbines, the ballast blocks, PTO electrical and transmission equipment, can all be easily installed and recovered as one fully integrated package involving a single offshore operation using a simple barge platform, air compressor and generator which are commonly available at low day rates along with tugs typically £2,000/day to £5,000/day.


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