Tidal Stream Projects

QED Naval uses its extensive experience and sophisticated design tools and resources to help tidal project developers and energy companies develop their projects in a commercially viable way.

Subhub is a generic platform host for tidal turbines or massive, self-installing gravity based anchor is an alternative use.

Universal Subsea Platform

The Subhub Tidal Platform has been designed to be a generic host of tidal turbines and support all the payload requirements to operate a tidal plant offshore. So whether the tidal turbine is a Horizontal Axis Turbine (HAT) or Vertical Axis Turbine (VAT) there is a Subhub variant for you.

Subhub is a method of transferring a massive, bulky payload from the quayside to the site and then onto the seabed. Therefore it could easily act at very large gravity based anchor for other devices such as kite or floating device and even wave turbines such as a flap or point absorber.

Unique Stability Characteristics

Subhub’s unique transit and submerged stability characteristics allows it to remotely control the installation and retrieval process with the minimal of support from the installation vessel. Because the phenomenal force but simple principle of buoyancy that manages the installation and retrieval process, the whole platform becomes weightless. This means there are no massive vertical lifting loads to consider only relatively small drags loads. Therefore this process can be safely performed under high sea states and tidal flows providing wide operating windows and high availability of  the platform.

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