Subhub Range

“The Subhub community demonstrator has proven major cost reductions are possible for the deployment of tidal energy and shown large energy yield increases which leads to competitive LCOE figures”

Subhub Community Demonstrator is the smallest version in the range where each turbine is limited to <100kW hence the total output is limited to <300kW and serves the community scale market power around 50 homes.

All the fundamental ballast systems and installation and retrieval methods have been proven by the Subhub Community Demonstrator.

The design tools used to develop the demonstrator have been well validated so scaling up is easily done and well understood. In fact, the physical scaling laws governing the design means that scaling up provides significant benefits simplifying the manufacturing process and hence further reducing CAPEX costs.

Three different scales have been assessed by QED Naval including:

Subhub-Gen-01: Community Scale

The platform specification of the Gen-01 device is listed below:

  • Tidal turbine diameters from 4.0m – 8.0m
  • Ideal water depths between 8.0m to 20.0m
  • A peak power output of between 150kW – 300kW
  • Cross beam supports an array of 3 x tidal turbines
  • Hull can be adapted suit any tidal turbine (HAT or VAT)
  • Fixed leg structure for generic seabed conditions
  • Top deck provides great access to ballast and electrical systems
  • Built to DNV GL standards where applicable
  • MCA approval for marine operations in UK waters
Subsea Manifold, which is easily recovered from the seabed is used as a remote control system for the Subhub so all the electrical, mechanical and pneumatic systems can be plugged in to retrieve the Subhub.

Subhub-Gen-02: Industrial Scale Version

The specification of the Gen-02 device is listed below:

  • Tidal turbine diameters from 8.0m – 16.0m
  • Ideal water depths between 16.0m to 32.0m
  • A peak power output between 300kW – 1MW
  • Adaptive legs allows self leveling and adaptive flow control
  • Lower ballast ratio enables:
    • Cylindrical pressure hull design
    • Steel space frame and
    • Hydrodynamic fairing optimisation
Subhub-Gen02 Industrial scale version with the Tocardo T2 SI turbines with a peak power output of 500kW.

Subhub-Gen-03: Utility Scale Version

The specification and key features of the Gen-03 device are listed below:

  • Tidal turbine diameters from 16.0m – 24.0m
  • Ideal water depths between 32.0m to 48.0m+
  • A peak power output between 1MW<>2MW+
  • Caters for future growth in size of tidal turbines (300t+)
  • Semi-duct turbine module for each tidal turbine
  • Boosts energy yield of free stream by up to 50%
  • 2 part structural design:
    • Tidal Turbine Module for serviceable items
    • Seabed template for the main solid ballast
  • Hydraulic locking mechanism

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