Design and Operations Teams

“The technical design and operations teams are made up of highly qualified specialists within their own fields providing a broad list of capabilities and an agile response to technical challenges”

Streamlines through the semi-duct of the Subhub and sliding mesh turbine.

Marine Renewable Specialists

  • Hull modelling, CAD & production outputs;
  • Mechanical design & prototyping;
  • Structural analysis including Finite Element Analysis (FEA);
  • Vessel hydrostatics and stability analysis;
  • Assessment of vessel motions in regular waves;
  • Mooring line/risers analysis;
  • Fluid loading using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD);
  • Blade design using Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI);
  • Electrical systems design and turbine integration;
  • Resource availability studies;
  • Physical Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs);

Project Management and Operations Team

  • Proven project management capabilities;
  • Project structure and funding capabilities;
  • Assessment of build methods;
  • Monitoring of weld maps and specifications;
  • Procurement management of contractors and deliveries;
  • Over seeing Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Factory acceptance testing (FATs);
  • Class and MCA approvals;


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