TIGER Tenders

“Supporting the growth of the tidal sector supply chain utilising the most rigorous of procurement standards which promote fairness and the economic development of the Channel region”



List of Tender Contracts

QED Naval will be tendering many different contracts including:

  1. Supply of Tidal Turbines and Service Contract to Support QED Naval (Link here; Status: CLOSED)
  2. Supply of financial auditing services (Link here; Status: CLOSED).
  3. Fabrication of Cross Beam support structure for tidal turbines.
  4. Subsea Power Control Unit to suit the Subhub platform.
  5. Supply of installation/retrieval platform.
  6. Marine operations, towing, installation/retrieval and maintenance contractors.
  7. Environmental monitoring contract.

Request Tender Documentation

If you are interested in applying for any of the above listed tenders please copy and past the tender title above into the subject line of an email to: tenders@qednaval.co.uk

Terms and Conditions

QED Naval apply their standard terms and conditions to all these contracts which can be found below:

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