TIGER Tidal Sites

With over 4GW of exploitable tidal resource available within the Channel region, the TIGER project has an ambitious target to establish 5 demonstration zones on both sides of the Channel and enable many technology developers to deploy up to 8MW of tidal energy in these areas.

TIGER Demonstration Zones

The demonstration zones are shown in the map below:

TIGER tidal test centres situated both sides of the Channel.

1. Ramsey Sound

Operated by: Cambrian Offshore SW Limited

Contact: Sue Barr

Website and other links: TBC; Tethys

Ramsey Sound is located in South West Wales and was chosen as the best location for a tidal demonstration project by Tidal Energy Limited (no longer operating) but taken over by Cambrian Offshore SW. After an extensive site selection programme carried out by TEL Ramsey Sound was chosen as the best location for their initial demonstration project for the reasons stated below:

  • It is sheltered from prevailing wind and wave conditions
  • It has good water depths close to the mainland
  • It has fast tidal streams reaching up to 6 knots (3 m/s) on spring tides
  • It has a suitable grid connection
  • There are good port facilities and marine engineering capabilities nearby
  • No trawling or commercial shipping passes through the Sound
  • No obstructions are present – i.e.pipelines, telecoms cables or munitions sites

The DeltaStream foundation device was originally conceived in Pembrokeshire and was perceived to lead the way in combating climate change from the heart of West Wales, providing a viable and effective solution to meet global energy demands in an environmentally friendly way.

2. Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre

Operated by: TBC

Contact: Rob Stevens

Website: PTEC; Tethys;

PTEC is a state-of-the-art tidal energy generation project that has already achieved planning consents and secured a connection offer to the electricity grid network. PTEC aims to cement the UK’s position at the centre of an exciting new global energy sector, unlocking significant investment and job creation.

3. Normandie Hydrolienne

Operated by: A JV between Simec Atlantis and AD Normandie Developpment

Contact: Drew Blaxland

Website: TBC

Normandie Hydrolienne will endeavour to energise the first array of tidal energy turbines in 2021 before rolling out larger projects from 2022 which, when potentially combined with projects in Alderney’s waters could create a 2GW, fully predicable energy source and the largest planned tidal project in Europe. This pipeline approach will allow the company to work closely with supply chain partners to facilitate rapid Cost of Energy reduction and the fit out of turbine manufacturing facilities in either Cherbourg or Le Havre.

4. Paimpol Brehat

Operated by: SEENOH and EDF

Contact: Marlène Kiersnowski

Website: TBC; Tethys

The Paimpol–Bréhat tidal farm is an 8 MW tidal turbine demonstration farm off Île-de-Bréhat near Paimpol, France. It is developed by Électricité de France. The project was initiated in 2004 and work began in 2008. The tidal farm will consist of four turbines, 2 MW each.

5. Morbihan

Operated by: TBC

Contact: Simon Pascoe

Website: TBC

The gulf is sheltered from the Atlantic Ocean by the peninsula of Rhuys, but a 1 km long gap between Port-Navalo (in the commune of Arzon) and Kerpenhir (commune of Locmariaquer) lets the water in and out. Because this gap is narrow, the tidal currents are strong and water speeds can reach up to 9.4 knots.

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