TIGER Tidal Turbine Tender

To supply three tidal turbines suitable for the Subhub tidal platform with power ratings between 50kW up 100kW each and rotor diameter’s between 3.5m up to 5.5m.

Procurement Specification

QED Naval is seeking the Supply and delivery of 3 off Tidal Turbines to a tidal test site within UK mainland waters.  Prerequisites for suppliers:

  • Provide a monthly lease cost for all three turbines which includes;
  • A service contract to assist QED Naval during the integration phase and;
  • Through 36 month operation within the Tiger project due to be completed by 31 March 2023.

Each turbine should have:

  • A power rating of 50 to 150 kW and;
  • A diameter of 3.5 to 5.5 m:
    • 2 off larger diameter for the outboard positions on the Subhub Platform and;
    • 1 off smaller diameter for the central position.
  • Suitable for flow speeds 1.5 to 3.5 m/s
Subhub Tidal Platform ashore demonstrating its primary role as a tripod gravity based foundation structure to support an array of three tidal turbines.

Submit a Note of Interest

To submit a note of interest and request tender documentation please email: tenders@qednaval.co.uk



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4 thoughts on “TIGER Tidal Turbine Tender

  1. We are interested in the tender for 3 turbines. Can you please provide more information on the rating – it is stated that the rating is from 50 to 150 kW – does this mean that the two larger turbines are rated at 150 kW and the smaller at 50 kW.

    If not can you please provide more clarity on the turbine ratings and the rotational speed.

    How fixed is the nacelle diameter – could it be increased by say 50% ?

    1. The specification we came up with in the tender means the peak power output must fall in the 50kW and 150kW for each turbine. It does not mean the outer turbines are rated at 150kW, in fact quite the contrary. Since the centre turbine’s flow speed is approximately 20% higher than the outboard turbines, due to the acceleration of the flow by the Subhub platform, this means the outboard turbines will be rotating 20% slower and hence producing less power but over a broader of flow speeds.

      Typically, we do not try and match the power ratings of each of the turbines since the power electronics are set up to cater for the differences in power. We would prefer to standardise the turbine at this stage despite the attraction of effective uprating the platform power at lower flow speeds.

      To be more specific about the ratings and the rotational speeds we have provided further information below:
      • The 4.0m diameter central turbine will be optimum around 75 to 80rpm and rated around 80kW at a flow speed of approximately 2.8m/s.
      • The 5.3m diameter outboard turbines will be optimum around 50 to 55rpm and rated around 50 to 55kW at a flow speed of approximately 2.3m/s

      Increasing the diameter of the nacelles gives us a slightly different problem of how to integrate this into the platform and the impact on the flow in terms of blockage effects. A lot of hydrodynamic modelling work has been done already using the diameters specified so we would not accept much deviation of this diameter at this stage since it will have a dramatic impact on the schedule of the project.

  2. Thank you to those of you who have submitted a note of interest in the tidal turbine tender that we issued on 30th April. Our procurement team have informed me that we are accepting full applications for the tender up until the 18th June.

    I realise there is a significant amount of work involved in submitting an application so we wanted to provide you with plenty of advanced notice.

  3. This tender is now closed.

    QED Naval have informed the tenderers rejected and are entering into a 10 day stand still period to allow appeals to the decision. The award of the contract will be made on the 2nd July.

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